Karma Unlimited

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Jackson Kayak has added a new long boat class whitewater kayak to its Karma river running family with the addition of the Karma Unlimited (UL). The Karma UL is built to race downriver events and be a boat of choice for expeditions.

Eric “EJ” Jackson, Jackson Kayak’s President and David Knight have taken the hull of Jackson Kayak’s leading river running/creeking kayak,s the Karma and the Zen and added length for speed and increased control to make this a contender for racing and down river fun. The planning hull provides extra bow control at higher speeds and the new rocker with the peaked deck helps keep the paddler high and dry. This kayak is perfect for racing downriver, creeking and river running of all kinds for both expert paddlers and new boaters alike. The new hull design makes it easier to paddle, more forgiving and, with the addition of 2014 outfitting, more comfortable! It also features added safety with Jackson’s unique Uni-Shock Bulkhead system that absorbs those hard hits.

Length (ft, in) 11′ 10″
Width (in) 25″
Height (in) 14.75″
Volume (Gallons) 94
Weight (Pounds) 54
Footrest Type (Peg, Foam, WW, Mold, etc) Uni-Shock
Max Inseam (in) 41
Max Foot (Men’s) 15
Opt. River Running (lbs) 165
Opt. Overall (lbs) 165 (135-195)
Capacity (lbs) 325
Cockpit Dimensions 34.5″X 20.25″
Material Linear Poly

MSRP Price $1199

Price: $1,199.00

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